Workforce Engage™ is a system for measuring and enhancing employee engagement--a term that includes trust, loyalty, pride, and cooperative spirit. The Workforce Engage system is built around a web-based employee survey. Going far beyond conventional employee satisfaction surveys, Workforce Engage measures and builds critical intangible assets such as trust, teamwork, and communication.

What accounts for the difference between an organization filled with ambivalent employees and one that has engaged employees-individually and collectively-producing superior results? Based on experience with over 500 organizations and communities, and extensive research, Workforce Engage has identified seven practices that drive engagement. Workforce Engage measures performance on these Seven Practices of an Engaged Workforce:

Workforce Engage takes a unique approach that builds engagement from start to finish. Before the employee engagement survey is administered, Workforce Engage consultants work with senior leaders to obtain their commitment as well as organization-wide buy-in. After the survey, the employees are included in the interpretation of survey results, the selection of key areas for improvement, and the identification and implementation of solutions. Throughout the process, Workforce Engage enlists employees as a force for positive change, deepening their level of engagement even as workforce challenges are identified and addressed. The result is greater cohesion among leadership, managers, and employees; and ultimately, better performance.


The Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), in partnership with Workforce Engage is offering Workforce Engage(tm) and Executive Engage(tm) to its members. Both systems are being offered as extensions of HANYS' broader workforce agenda to assist New York hospitals with the interrelated set of workforce shortage and quality-of-care challenges.

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